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including hypersensitive skin, risk and damaged

For adults and children (under 3 years).


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based on emulsion system 2DERM

for healthy and damaged skin.



2DERM emulsion system and products based on similar principle are designed to treat all types of skin from healthy to damaged skin "with damaged skin barrier function." Due to its mechanism, 2DERM products are based on completely different concept compared to so far used products "of traditional approaches".

2DERM system creates optimal conditions for establishment of skin regeneration processes. 2DERM emulsion system can treat any skin type and gradually achieve its healthy fresh look.

2DERM has been clinically tested and is recommended by dermatologists for numerous indication groups:

Excessive dryness and flaking of the skin –congenital and acquired xerodermia (also as a result of skin aging). Persistent symptoms of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Traumatization of the skin due to professional and sport activities (burns, chemical burns, after frequent washing, etc.). Dryness, itching and increased sensitivity of the skin due to prolonged use of cosmetic products containing surfactants (emulsifiers) in daily health and beauty care. Adverse skin reactions to repeated application of external medicines containing corticosteroids (especially with perioral dermatitis). Adverse skin reactions to intense sunlight. The states of abnormal sensitivity of the skin from various reasons (hypersensitivity of the skin). Itching (pruritus) in anal areas – for example irritant diaper dermatitis with children. None oozing, roughened skin areas for example around the venous ulcerations. Protection against excessive dryness of the skin in conditions of low temperature and humidity. Increasing dryness and fragility of the skin due to aging. Application to erosive areas after separation of blisters with congenital diseases (epidermolysis bullosa, so called butterfly wings). To modify microbial colonization e.g. with acne and to improve skin condition.

Skin Lesions 


Skin and its basic function

Human skin is an organ, functioning as a barrier between the outer and inner environment. Protection - barrier function of the skin achieved a high precision during the development. It enables human survival in terrestrial environments.

Human skin consists of three layers

  • surface skin (epidermis)
  • fibrous corium (dermis)
  • subcutaneous tissue - mainly fat (hypodermis)

Each skin layer has a different function.

Together they form an interconnected complex.

The main task and biological mission of the human skin is a barrier function. To protect the internal environment of organism against unfavourable environmental factors (UV radiation, penetration of chemicals, microbes and fungi, e.t.c.). Human skin has, into a large extent, self-healing ability. It is constantly renewing on the basal membrane. The cells progress towards the surface of the skin, they change during the process of keratinization their structure and en up to be separated off the skin surface. Biological recovery time of skin cells takes about four weeks (28 days). The recovery is faster in facial and neck areas about 10-14 days. Healthy skin does not usually need any special intervention. Yet more and more people, due to various internal and external factors, are suffering from the basic skin functions disorders, especially from already mentioned disorders of skin protective barrier function. The manifestations may differ from gradually increased dryness of the skin surface, itching, surface peeling, redness to obvious damage of the skin surface. 

Up till now healthy skin may gradually show symptoms of abnormal sensitivity which may manifest consequences of impaired skin barrier function and skin surface by some chronic dermatitis (eg, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.), or due to adverse effects of professional and hobby activities. 

In case you suffer from the above mentioned symptoms, you are advised to seek a professional advice.

If the skin is dry, very sensitive (hypersensitive), it is usually sufficient enough to exclude cosmetic products so far used and replace them with daily application of 2DERM cream according to the product leaflet. In case there is a relation to any skin disease, it is advisable to follow your doctor's recommended therapy, during which and particularly when more acute symptoms or microbial complications disappear, the regeneration of the skin surface may be accelerated by application of barrier-protective 2DERM cream.

Hypersensitive skin

State of excessive skin sensitivity to external stimuli and topically applied substances, which are normally well tolerated.

Hypersensitivity is a gradually evolving disorder of increased sensitivity to external stimuli, responding with skin irritation, itching, burning, redness, or a combination of these symptoms.

Reasons for development of hypersensitive skin may differ long-term application of external drugs and cosmetics, especially degreasing the skin surface Inappropriate beauty treatments Long-term effects of chemical substances and mixtures in the work environment (alkali, cutting oils, etc).

Wetting the skin with alkaline solutions (hair stylists, washing dishes, disinfectants) allergies with skin lesions (food, pollen) congenital genetic disposition (congenital dry skin, pathological keratinization)

A special place in the development of the state of hypersensitive skin has a skin of face and neck, with significantly thinner keratin layer and limited protective barrier with high density of nerve endings.

  1. How to treat hypersensitivity skin? The most important factor is fast and objective tracing of the cause (trigger pulse) leading to repeated local skin irritation. To gather everything so far applied to the skin in order to exclude possible allergen or substance that exacerbates the skin condition.
  2. (Consultation with a doctor or specialist beautician). It is generally recommended to suspend the application of cosmetics and make-ups and even some external medicines with the permission of your doctor.

Temporarily restrict the daily skin cleansing to necessary minimum.

  1. Instead of bath, it is recommended to take a shower with a water temperature of 35 ° C. Temporarily discontinue using cleansing gels and foaming baths.
  2. Use towels with a smooth surface.
  3. Do not use hot air hair drier. Restrict wearing clothes and underwear made of synthetic fibres, use suitable cotton martials. Restrict sun exposure to a minimum.

Additional recommendations - according to individual needs:

Regular water intake, avoid fat and spicy food, reduce or eliminate consumption of irritating fruits (strawberries, raspberries, oranges, bananas). Suitability of 2DERM cream in the state of hypersensitivity skin When your skin starts to itch or becomes red, repeatedly apply 2DERM cream to the affected area and allow to react.

With hypersensitive skin on hands it is recommended to apply 2DERM cream on hands and forearms in the morning, before the first contact with water and event. soap. Despite the fact that the calming and improvement effect of 2DERM CREAM is instant, it is necessary to continue with daily applications of 2DERM CREAM for at least 2-4 weeks (ie for the time of physiological regeneration of skin surface and barrier functions).

Skin irritation after contact with irritant or toxic substances

Skin irritation rises immediately or with delay after contact with an irritating substance. Affected area burns, itches event. hurts.

Causes: lye, lime, soda, acids, surfactants, solvents.

Treatment: elimination of irritant, application of 2DERM CREAM (or as a suitable addition to medical therapy).

Atopic eczema.

Congenital disposition, chronic (reoccurring) progress. The most significant in childhood and adolescence! Frequent constitutional dry skin. Locally itchy skin areas, especially in the elbow and knee bends. The skin is overall pale. Reduced production of sebum and sweat is also reported. Symptoms of the disease are worsen by pollen and also food allergens. Seaside treatment is suitable only for non-acute states.

Relatively dry skin with reduced barrier function causes significant water loss from the skin surface. 2DERM cream application as an alternative barrier system is therefore very beneficial.

Seborrhoea dermatitis

Manifested by excessive sebum production and intense flacking of the skin surface. The most common manifestations are in areas with a large number of sebaceous glands - scalp, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, chin and navel and genitals areas.

2DERM cream application as an alternative barrier system is therefore very beneficial.

Solar dermatitis

Inflammatory skin caused by exposition to the sun. Rapidly improves after 2DERM cream application.


Skin diseases on congenital basis caused by accelerated and incomplete epidermis restoration. It may occur at any time during life. It affects entire body, most commonly the elbows, knees, hands, face, scalp and loins.

Symptoms: locally bounded bearings, flacking skin. Psoriasis has several phases: acute rash, and temporary idle state. Special dermatologic treatment is necessary.

Additional care: seaside treatment, barrier protecting 2DERM cream application.


CS Patent For Life spol. s r. o./2011

Clinically Tested

Suitable for children and adults

Recommended by dermatologists!

The only product of its kind in Europe

based on a completely new emulsion system with proven efficacy in functional disorders of skin.

2DERM helps patients with congenital diseases butterfly wings

(Epidermolysis bullosa congenita).