A Revolution in Skin Care!

with proven efficacy for the treatment of skin surface

including hypersensitive skin, risk and damaged

For adults and children (under 3 years).


We have discovered
the secret of healthy skin!

based on emulsion system 2DERM

for healthy and damaged skin.



List of studies and practical references

Assessment of tolerability and efficacy of 2DERM cream - as a means of supplementary therapy Cooperating dermatological medical centers

  • Dermatology Dep. of Regional Hospital TB Zlín /senior consultant MUDr. J Šternberský, CSc.
  • Children dermatology dep. FDN Brno / senior consultant MUDr. H. Bučková, PhD
  • Dermatology Dep Medical center Hlučín MUDr. D. Němcová
  • Dermatology Dep Hospital Blansko/ senior consultant MUDr. L. Novotný
  • Assessment Coordinator: prof. MUDr. J. Záhejský, DrSc.

In total, the efficacy and tolerability of 2DERM cream was tested with a group of more than 120 adults and children with different types of skin damage.

Clear positive effect / 40 patients in total / was found in all individuals with eczematous skin.

  • AD (atopic dermatitis) including severe forms,
  • seborrhoica dermatitis,
  • chronic forms of eczema of a professional nature on the hands.

Equally clear effect was found in other group / 80 patients in total/

  • perioralis dermatitis, rosacea, impetigo and acne vulgaris.

Significantly high rated was a rapid healing of excoriations after therapeutic curettage, epilation and burns.
In the field of ​​children dermatology, 2DERM product was also positively applied in the treatment and healing of erosive symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa.
Little effect was found in three cases of different types of ichtyos.
This brief review of results of 2DERM emulsion, or its modification REHA / fragrance free / leads to a conclusion that it is very well tolerated and has positive effects on adverse skin changes and symptoms. 2DERM emulsion can be considered as a significant contribution to the field of Dermatology and Cosmetic Care.
Adverse effects were found.

Perspective development and possible use of patented 2DERM emulsion

  • in development of new external drugs / carrier of active ingredients /
  • efficient UV protective product
    / event. replacement of chemical filters /
  • with regard to its possitive effect on Epidermolysis bullosa symptoms, the emulsions might possibly be used with burns and to mitigate the effects of abrasive methods in cosmetology
  • to be used in veterinary medicine
  • to be used as a means for systematic regeneration of skin damaged by professional or sport activities


CS Patent For Life spol. s r. o./2011

Clinically Tested

Suitable for children and adults

Recommended by dermatologists!

The only product of its kind in Europe

based on a completely new emulsion system with proven efficacy in functional disorders of skin.

2DERM helps patients with congenital diseases butterfly wings

(Epidermolysis bullosa congenita).